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Welcome To The National Boat & Yacht Transport Association Home Page:
National Affiliation Of Legal And Insured Boat Transporters And Boat Transport Brokers
The members of this organization are all fully Legal and Insured Boat Transporters and/or Legal and Bonded Boat Transport
Brokers. The regulations involving Boat Transportation are not well known and can be an area that unsuspecting Boat and Yacht
Shippers can fall prey to. There are various scams that are prevalent in the Marine Transportation Industry that can negatively
impact a Boat Shipper. This Website and the Boat & Yacht Transport Association were formed to give the prospective Boat and
Yacht Shippers the opportunity to learn how to Safely and Legally Transport their Boat, Sail Boat, or Yacht with a minimum of
risk involved. Goals of the Association include:
Establish and promote high levels of Competence and Ethical Conduct among Boat and Yacht Transport Companies
Establish a public forum for recognition and support for companies in the industry that operate Legally and Insured.
Facilitate cooperation among Association Members in order to enhance each member's success.
Provide vital information and resources of value to consumers, association members, and prospective members desiring
information on how to Safely and Legally Transport a Boat or Yacht.
Boat Transport Not A Good Ending
Successful Yacht Transport To Marina For A Happy Customer
This Will Not Be A Satisfied Customer,
Especially If The Boat Movement Was
Not Legal And Insured.
This Yacht Movement Ended With A
Satisfied Customer, Ready To Enjoy
The Yacht At The New Location.
Thank you for your interest in the National Boat & Yacht Transport Association. NBYTA is a Trade Association for the North
America Marine Transportation Industry and plays a vital role for all companies that are involved in Boat and Yacht
Transportation Services. The Association exists to unite Legal and Insured Boat and Yacht Transportation Carriers and  Boat
and Yacht Transport Brokers throughout North America and to give them a strong voice in the Marine Transportation Industry.
The future activities of the Association will be focused in several key areas to include:
Education and Communication for the prospective Boat and Yacht Transport Customer:
Boat and Yacht Manufacturers.
Boat and Yacht Marinas.
Boat and Yacht Dealers.
Private Shippers of Boats, Sailboats, and Yachts.
Marketing Programs to give association members equal advertising and visibility status with the many Illegal and
Uninsured Boat Transportation Carriers and Boat Transport Brokers advertising on the Internet.
Lobby Effort for improved regulation, education, and enforcement in the Boat Transportation Industry in conjunction
with Stop Illegal Trucking.
The National Boat & Yacht Transport Association provides much-needed leadership and a unified voice for the Boat and Yacht
Transportation Industry. For the Consumer we provide Education and Support to assist with information required for Marine
Transport and Shipping decisions. For our members we provide Quality Exposure required in order to achieve success.
A recent Search Analysis displayed some interesting results. The search words "Boat Transport" were entered on GOOGLE and for page 1 of the
search, a complete analysis  revealed that over 55% of the websites listed were Boat Transportation Brokers that are Operating Illegally. This was
a complete listing of all the websites on Page 1; both "Paid" and "Non-Paid". This was an interesting list comprised of Previous Legal Boat
Transportation Carriers with Inactive or Revoked US DOT Operating Authority, Previous Legal Boat Transport Brokers with Inactive or Revoked
US Dot Operating Authority, Companies with no previous US DOT Operating Authority, Companies or Individuals Operating as Load Matching
Services, and/or Boat and Yacht Transportation Directories for Boat Transportation and Shipping Services. A common thread was involved in
almost all websites;
No Verification of the Operating Authority or Insurance of Transporters Utilized in their Boat Transport Services.

This is a very good example of "LET THE BUYER BEWARE"

Do you really think that a "Company" that Brokers Shipments Illegally, will only utilize Transporters that are Legal and Insured?

Information provided by the National Boat & Yacht Transport Association and contained on this Website will assist the Boat Shipper on how
to evaluate Boat Transportation Companies in order to
Minimize Risk by finding and utilizing Brokers and Carriers that are Legal and Insured.
Know Your Boat Transportation Company-Why This Association Is Needed: